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Tish Norfleet

Welcome! My name is Tish Norfleet and I started my health and wellness journey in 2014. I hired a health coach that worked with me and I lost 30lbs, got off medication for hypertension and had the energy of a teenager. I am still on this journey! I currently lead a faith-based health and wellness group that started in 2019. I get excited when I hear about and see lifestyle changes in others. I am passionate about educating and motivating others to invest in their health.
Tish Norfleet

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Lifestyle Exercise Attitude Nutrition*

When you work with me, I will use a collaborative approach to empower you to become an advocate of changing your lifestyle and behavior concerning your health. This approach will help you build confidence and promote self-awareness.

I live with my husband and dog in Virginia. I enjoy trying new recipes, reading and traveling. I look forward to meeting you.

Being healthy is an act of self-love. Invest in your health.